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The Edinburgh Institute for Collaborative & Competitive Advantage

Created by business people, for business people: our competitive advantage is helping you create your singular, best competitive advantage. Our new web platform is underway, so please be patient and keep in touch with us using the form below!

We want to hear from YOU!

What We Offer: Membership

Simply put, we are in the business of helping your organisation compete; we recognise that not all the new fads and technologies will give you an edge, (and it your edge has to be specific to you, in your market too) so we have distilled the best thinking in competitive advantage.

We help create and project your singular, best and most highly differentiated Competitive Advantage / USP that is authentic, 'owned' only by your SME. A market of your own, based on your definition of 'market'.

As a Member of the Institute have access to resources that are specific for SMEs; targeted, powerful means to craft truly and authentically competitive advantage, compelling offers, and creating an edge that improves their position in the market, to help you survive and thrive.
  • Your Competitive Advantage? 80%
  • Your Compelling Advantage? 45%
  • Your Competitive EDGE? 95%

Where are we?

Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

We are located within the wonderful, iconic Craiglokhart campus, next to the university’s Business School and Sales Academy.

We are developing the new online platform and will shortly invite you to join as a valued Member.

What can I access right now?


We hold all our Workshops here on campus, where you will find a superb environment to work up your Competitive Advantage.

Over one or two days, we can guarantee to show you what is syanding in the way of your achieving competitive advantage and the resulting compelling story (your offer), and give you the competitive boost you need to improve revenue!

Just subscribe above and we will ping you out when the next Workshop is scheduled!