The Why….
Our Purpose & Tenets

Why should you Engage with the Edinburgh Institute?

We are here for one purpose: to help you create and craft your singular, best Competitive & Compelling Advantage and Edge.

And as you would expect, we do things differently; but it isnt just what we do differently that is important, it is how we do it and why. We only want to work with individuals and organisations that share those principles and values, to make commerce better for humanity in a remarkable and meaningful way.

Our Tenets are something we hold dear; they are listed below so you can get the shape of how and why we do what we do. We hope you like it.

Our Tenets

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Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage maximises the health of the organisation and its market system; it is best based on advanced collaborations with the Customer and your People

Success & Value

Compromises and Conflicts stand in the way of delivering better value and offers; they are
harming you and your organisation’s ability to deliver and engage your market

It is a lot more than just 'Margins'....

Cost reduction as the guiding principle and business model has a limit – ZERO! The Customer
wants more, you cant deliver less; but you can enjoy a fair price for your efforts

It HAS to be REAL

Satisfying customers, in an advanced way, can result in competition and competitors
becoming irrelevant; but only by realising and addressing significant needs in the market


Enough with ‘Sophistry’! Your advantage, the one you give to your market to help it thrive,
must be simple, singular, sustainable and sublime. For an SME, it has to be simple.

Define YOUR OWN Market

Any organisation can cease being led by the ‘usual’ measurements, industry ‘standards’, and
competitive forces limiting it. It is wholly within your capabilities to define your own market

Management Thinking

Stop jumping on the latest bandwagon or management fad; this is desperation personified. It is our OWN thinking that is flawed and can be changed; borrowing from others just leads to
commodification of what we do!


Moving from a ‘Functional’ to an ‘Interdependent’ management style one helps identify real needs, and resulting in aligned product & service offerings that give enhanced value for the market and all your stakeholders. And it is easy


Your organisation does not need to do more, desperately increasing activities to succeed; the chances are you should be doing less. Having a singular advantage means also being able to quickly jettison things that won’t work!

Your Place in the Market

It isnt about size nor share of the market; its about understanding how to shape your own market. Your market wants you to succeed – if you would only let them help… and create a Compelling story and brand

Its all about us Humans

Business is about delivering REAL value to people; products and services must confer true value. In an age of sterility, its easy to forget the person: the Consumer, Customer, or Citizen are humans

Collaborative Advantage

In collaborating with, not selling to, your market gives you an advanced state of prosperity,
where your business model is sustainable and your competitive advantage is complete.

Your Advantage

… is never what you think it is, nor where. It is in your brain. It is in your thinking. Think your way to Competitive & Collaborative Advantage with the Edinburgh.Institute

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