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The Edinburgh Institute for Collaborative & Competitive Advantage

Created by business people, for business people: our competitive advantage is helping you create your singular, best competitive advantage. Our new web platform development is underway, so please be patient and keep in touch by Registering – just click on the widget on the right of this page!

The Roundtables are HERE!

The first free Roundtable event is on for 24th May - limited places to book today.

We will be examining the Competitive issues for the Professional Services sector:
Legal, Accounting, Financial advice, Agencies, Consultancies...
to see what is holding you back and what a professional services firm needs to do to discover its edge.

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What’s in it for YOU?

Your Singular, Best Competitive & Compelling Advantage

Simply put, we are in the business of helping your organisation compete AT ITS BEST; we recognise that not all new fads and technologies will give you an edge, (and your edge has to be specific to you, in your own market sector) so we have distilled the best thinking in competitive advantage.

We help create and project your singular, best and most highly differentiated Competitive & Compelling Advantage / USP that is authentic and 'owned' only by your organisation. A market of your own, based on your definition of 'market'.

As a Member of the Institute you have access to resources that are specific for SMEs; targeted, powerful means to craft a truly authentic competitive advantage, create compelling offers, and secure an edge that improves your position in the market: so you can survive and thrive.

Top tip for
Competitive Advantage:

Where are we?

Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland

Smiley faceWe are located within the wonderful, iconic Craiglockhart campus, hosted by our Bright Red Triangle Partners, right next to the university’s Centre for Sales & Business Development.

We are developing our new online platform and will shortly invite you to join as a valued, Full Member of the Institute.

Created and operated by Business people, for Business people.

What can I access right now?


We hold all our Workshops here, where you will find a superb environment to work up your Competitive and Compelling Advantage.

Over one or two days, we guarantee to show you what is standing in the way of your achieving competitive advantage and the resulting compelling story (your offer), and set you off with a competitive boost you need to improve returns or revenue!

Just subscribe below and we will ping you when the next Workshop is scheduled, and keep you up to date with the launch!


Scotland, like other countries has vibrant, specific key ‘industry’ sectors; and we are hosting invite-only Roundtable events dealing with those individual sectors: to address Competitive Advantage within those important sectors and markets, to develop true customer insight, uncover market-led value to help SMEs within those sectors survive and thrive.

Watch out for announcements relating to these Roundtables – make sure that you are Registered (below) to receive alerts for these events, as only a limited number of SMEs can fit around the big boardroom table!


You can Register now for the Institute

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